Khalil Chishtee

Khalil Chishtee (b Lahore, Pakistan 1964) is an installation artist who lives and works in New York. He completed his BFA from National College of Arts, Lahore in 1988 and then moved to the US. He experimented with bronze casting at the Art Foundry Gallery, Sacramento, California and with Sculpture Ceramics, El Dorado Center, Placerville, California Advanced Sculpture, California State University, Sacramento, in 2004, Finally in 2006 he completed his Masters from California State University, Sacramento, California. Chishtee has exhibited all across the globe and was represented at the Venice Biennale in the Azerbaijan Pavilion in 2014.

Khalil Chishtee creates human and animal forms using plastic trash bags and these take on a surreal life of their own in many respects, creating spatial relationships and interconnectivity with viewers.