Ahmed Ali Manganhar

Ahmed Ali Manganhar (born 1980 Tando Allayar, Pakistan) graduated from the NCA Lahore in – and has exhibited across the world. A reclusive artist, Manganhar developed his practice on the mythologies and legends of his native Sindh province delving into the stories of not just the heroes but the villains as well. Much of his paintings, come of them done on black slates that hark back to his childhood days of writing and rewriting on them involve notions of memory, loss, innocence, remembrance, histories and experience. Also, he is vividly embroiled in the cinematic experience that has absorbed most of his life. He recalls that the signboard painters that visited his little town before the launch of a new film were the only ‘artists’ that he encountered as a child and his fascination with their ‘art’ never left him. His current practice engages with stills from old movies or heroes and heroines through whose eyes he recasts present characters and situations

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