Abdullah M I Syed

Abdullah M I Syed (b. Karachi, Pakistan 1974) presently works between Karachi and Sydney, Australia. He has a Ph.D in Fine Art from College of Fine Art, Sydney, Australia. Syed works through diverse mediums and techniques and complex societal and political ideas but eventually his notions are lived, experiential and universal.Syed holds a BA degree in Design (1999) and MEd (2001) from the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO), USA. He also holds an MFA (2009) from COFA. He has coordinated the Design Department at the University of Karachi, Pakistan and has also lectured at UCO, USA. His co-curating credits include Michael Esson’s: A Survey of Drawing, Michael Kempson’s: A Survey of Prints, Aboriginal Dreams, Let’s Draw the Line, and 6/6: the Labyrinth in Karachi.

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